House Prices in Auckland

Auckland Central Harbourside
Auckland Central Harbourside

Average House Prices in the Auckland Region 2008 – 2013

Location May 2013 May 2012 May 2011 May 2010 May 2009 May 2008
Auckland North – Albany $720,000 $658,000 $640,000 $620,000 $620,000 $630,000
Auckland North – Birkenhead $635,000 $570,000 $520,000 $535,000 $483,000 $515,000
Auckland Central – Eastern Suburbs $910,000 $829,000 $800,000 $770,000 $720,000 $765,000
Auckland Central City $340,000 $312,000 $315,000 $350,000 $325,000 $349,000
Auckland Central – Mt Eden / Epsom $823,000 $735,000 $690,000 $652,000 $551,000 $630,000
Auckland West – Henderson Area $430,000 $383,000 $370,000 $365,000 $357,000 $370,000
Auckland South – Papatoetoe $400,000 $365,000 $345,000 $330,000 $325,000 $340,000
All of Auckland Area $531,000 $478,000 $460,000 $456,000 $430,000 $445,000

Market Analysis

The prices in the table above are medians taken over 12 month periods, sourced by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

According to REINZ data, house prices in Auckland set a new record median price of $565,000 in May 2013 and the Auckland housing market remains the strongest in New Zealand. REINZ Chief Executive Helen O’Sullivan commented that, “The Auckland market continues to see strong demand for properties from all types of buyers. Listings are increasingly in short supply right across the region with the consequence that prices continue to rise.”

Figures from to Quotable Value also show that Auckland leads the way in the housing market. The average property value in the whole of Auckland over the three months to May 2013 was $640,000 up almost 13 % from May 2012. Both Auckland North Shore and Auckland City now have average property values of around $750,000.

In Barfoot and Thompson’s May 2012 update, their average property sale price was $644,000 for Auckland. Managing Director Peter Thompson said, “While realistically priced properties still continue to sell almost as soon as they come on the market, there is resistance to going above current values. Auckland remains a market where there are too many people chasing too few properties, and until there is an increase in the number of properties buyers will remain frustrated at the limited choice available.”

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  1. Elliot Shayle says:

    Are most Auckland residences, apartments/flats, and what is the quality of them? By this I mean what size are they and what amenities and views do they have? Also what is the range of prices within each administrative region?

  2. No most auckland houses are stand alone 3 bedroom dwellings squeezed into someones backyard.

    There are allot of apartment options in the city centre, not much in the way of terraced houses

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