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Canterbury weekly rents for unfurnished accommodation. Two and Three Bedroom Houses | Banks Peninsula | Selwyn | Waimakariri | Hurunui | Kaikoura

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Canterbury Weekly Rent For 2 Bedroom Houses – Unfurnished

Ashburton – Entire District$295$320$332
Banks Peninsula / Selwyn – Both Districts$320$350$411
Kaikoura / Hurunui – Both Districts$255$300$350
MacKenzie / Waimate – Both Districts$255$292$300
Timaru – Rural Timaru / Temuka / Geraldine$260$280$300
Timaru – Timaru Township$295$300$345
Waimakariri – Rangiora / Kaiapoi$347$365$376
Waimakariri – Rural Waimakariri$378 $420$460
Waitaki District$275$290$320

Canterbury Weekly Rent For 3 Bedroom Houses – Unfurnished

Ashburton – Entire District $340 $350$380
Banks Peninsula / Selwyn – Both Districts$395$450$480
Kaikoura / Hurunui – Both Districts$311$350$385
MacKenzie / Waimate – Both Districts$300$340$370
Timaru – Rural Timaru / Temuka / Geraldine$340$365$400
Timaru – Timaru Township$340$360$390
Waimakariri – Rangiora / Kaiapoi$383$410$431
Waimakariri – Rural Waimakariri$378$420$460
Waitaki District$310$350$360

The prices above were recorded during the six months to 31 October 2020.

Figures from Trade Me Property for August 2020 showed that the average (median) rent for a three / four bedroomed property in New Zealand, excluding Auckland, was $520 per week and for a one / two bedroomed property was $380 per week.

The Tenancy Services Division figures show that in Canterbury the most expensive average rent for a two bedroomed house is in Waimakariri – Rural Waimakariri costing $420 per week. The cheapest is in Waitaki costing $290 per week.

For a three bedroomed house in Canterbury the most expensive average rent is in Banks Peninsula / Selwyn Districts costing $450 per week and one of the cheapest is in MacKenzie / Waimate Districts costing $340 per week.

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Notes and Definitions
• Cheaper: One-quarter of properties rent for less than this price.
• Average: This is the median price
• Dearer: One-quarter of properties rent for more than this price.

Properties are often let from January for 12 months, hence there is often an increase in rents at the beginning of the year.

The data shows market rents for non-government owned properties for which Tenancy Services holds information. Any category that has less than five bonds lodged has been excluded, to prevent individual properties being identified. Data courtesy of the Tenancy Services Division of the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Housing.

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