New Zealand Moved to the Northern Hemisphere

If New Zealand could be taken on an imaginary journey to the opposite side of the globe, so that it lay in the Northern Hemisphere in the same latitudes as it currently does in the Southern Hemisphere, this is approximately where it would appear on a map.

The map is arranged so that cities that were on the east coast remain on the east coast, while cities that were in the north are now in the south.

New Zealand in the Northern Hemisphere

New Zealand moved to the Northern Hemisphere

It’s clear that New Zealand stretches rather a long way from north to south, beginning on the same latitude as mid-France and ending in North Africa.

If we look at where New Zealand’s cities would be located, it turns out something like this:

• Dunedin would be in the Bay of Biscay, on a similar latitude to La Rochelle and Lyon.
• Christchurch would be on Spain’s north coast, on a similar latitude to Bilbao, Toulouse and Florence.
• Wellington would be close to the border between Northern Portugal and Spain, on a similar latitude to Barcelona and Naples.
• Auckland would be in southern Spain, on a similar latitude to Malaga and Tunis.


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