New Zealand Permanent Residence

The ways you can qualify for residence in New Zealand are varied. Your best route will depend on your qualifications, experience, circumstances and capital.

Your choices are outlined below:

skilled migrantSkilled Migrant Category (Points based)
A good option if you have post high-school qualifications and some work experience. Expressions of interest are selected fortnightly.

work visaWork Visa / Permit (Not points based)
A good option if you do not qualify for the Skilled Migrant Category but can find an employer. Also includes the Talent Visa. Many NZ employers are authorised to offer jobs that qualify for Talent Visas.

There are two investment categories. For the least expensive you will need business experience and at least NZ$1.5 million to invest and a further NZ$1 million in settlement funds.

entrepreneurEntrepreneur (Not points based)
Do you have an idea for a business in New Zealand, or are you going to buy or become an important investor in one? Do you have sufficient money for your plan AND to maintain your family while getting established?

familyFamily (Not Points based)
Do you have close family members in New Zealand who are citizens or permanent residents?

retire_nzRetiring to New Zealand
New Zealand has no official category for people wishing to retire here – you need to plan for a slightly earlier move or have plenty of money.

Disclaimer: The information we provide on these pages is offered in good faith. It summarises quickly, and very informally, New Zealand’s immigration system. If you are serious about applying for residence in New Zealand, then you should consult the lengthier, more formal documentation provided online by the New Zealand Immigration Service. Alternatively, you could employ the services of a reputable immigration agent.

Note: We keep things simple in this guide by assuming that you are fluent in English and will not need an IELTS certificate for immigration.

At this stage, we have not covered;

* Residence through your employer moving their business to New Zealand.
* Residence through regulations applicable to Australians, Pacific Islanders or refugees.

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