New Zealand Paralegal / Legal Executive Salaries

Salaries are annual unless otherwise stated.

Salary and wage information for New Zealand professions is compiled regularly by analysis of New Zealand jobs advertised in major publications.

Job ads in New Zealand often do not mention remuneration. Salaries are generally negotiable, within limits.

Legal executives are skilled in one or more aspects of law and most hold the New Zealand Law Society Legal Executive qualification.

Most legal executives work in law firms.

There are no specific qualification requirements for a legal secretary.

Starting salaries for legal executives are from $42,000 and can rise to between $50,000 and $85,000 depending on experience, qualifications and location.

Legal secretaries will typically start on a lower salary and salaries will usually range from $40,000 upwards.

For comparison, the average hourly wage in New Zealand for the quarter ending 31 March 2020 was $33.20 according to Statistics New Zealand.

This would give an annual average salary of around $65,600, working standard full-time hours (38 hours).

Paralegal / Legal Executive Salaries / Wages in 2020

PositionSalary / Wage $Location
Trust Accountant / Legal Secretary65,000 – 75,000Auckland
Legal Secretary / Property Law60,000 – 70,000Auckland
Junior Legal Secretary40,000 – 50,000Auckland
Legal & Executive Manager70,000 – 75,000Auckland
Commercial Legal Secretary57,000+Auckland
Office Administrator – Legal19 – 24 per hourAuckland
Senior Legal Executive – Banking & Finance75,000 – 80,000Wellington
Legal Secretary50,000 – 65,000Wellington
Legal Executive – Family Law Specialist50,000 – 60,000Blenheim, Marlborough
Legal / Efficient office managere40,000 – 55,000Palmerston North
Part-time Legal Executive28 – 35 per hourChristchurch

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