New Zealand Speech Therapist Salaries

Salaries are annual unless otherwise stated.

Salary and wage information for New Zealand professions is compiled regularly by analysis of New Zealand jobs advertised in major publications. Job ads in New Zealand often do not mention remuneration. Salaries are generally negotiable, within limits.

Job titles in this occupation vary and some examples are speech therapist, speech pathologist and speech & language therapist.

Most speech therapists in New Zealand work for District Health Boards or the Ministry of Education.

Speech therapists typically earn between $55,000 and $85,000 depending on their area of expertise, location and experience.

For comparison, the average hourly wage in New Zealand for the quarter ending 31 March 2020 was $33.20 according to Statistics New Zealand. This would give an annual average salary of around $65,600, working standard full-time hours (38 hours).

Speech Therapist / Pathologist Salaries / Wages in 2020

PositionSalary / Wage $Location
Part-time Speech Therapist / community-based rehabilitation95 per hourAuckland
Speech and Language Therapist55,000 – 76,000Auckland
Junior Speech Therapist53,000Auckland
Intermediate or Senior Speech Language Therapist – Early Intervention60,000 – 75,000Hamilton, Waikato
Speech and Language Therapist53,000 – 73,000Wellington
Senior Speech Therapist80,000Christchurch
Speech Language Therapist29 – 33 per hourChristchurch

There are three speech-language therapy training programmes currently available in New Zealand which have been approved by the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA). Two of these are four year undergraduate degrees at Massey University and the University of Canterbury, and the third is a two year post-graduate degree at the University of Auckland.

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