Average House Price Values in the Auckland Region 2013 – 2017

Auckland Central Harbourside
Auckland Central Harbourside

Average House Price Values in the Auckland Region 2013 – 2017

LocationMay 2017May 2016May 2015May 2014May 2013
Auckland North Shore- Coastal$1,370,000$1,269,000$1,113,000$979,000$861,000
Auckland North Shore – Onewa$954,000$888,000$779,000$671,000$586,000
Auckland North Shore – North Harbour$1,184,000$1,090,000$934,000$819,000$716,000
Waitakere City$826,000$765,000$657,000$558,000$482,000
Auckland Central City$1,076,000$982,000$856,000$758,000$685,000
Auckland City – East$1,524,000$1,400,000$1,241,000$1,050,000$921,000
Auckland City – South$1,096,000$1,013,000$901,000$749,000$671,000
Auckland City – Islands$1,074,000$933,000$835,000$742,000$683,000
Manukau – East$1,269,000$1,055,000$905,000$791,000$694,000
Manukau – Central$684,000$643,000$524,000$452,000$396,000
Manukau – North West$774,000$706,000$577,000$484,000$421,000
All of Auckland Area$1,044,000$956,000$829,000$714,000$631,000

Market Analysis

The monthly property price values in the table above are sourced by Quotable Value Limited.

There has been a slowdown in house values over the last 12 months with Auckland experiencing 5 % annual growth and effectively no increase in value since October 2016. The efforts to cool the Auckland property market, with new regulations introduced from October 2015 requiring investors in Auckland property to have at least a 30% deposit, seem to be having an effect.

In Barfoot and Thompson’s July 2017 update, their average property sale price was $908,000 for Auckland. Managing Director Peter Thompson said, “Despite fewer new listings, by the end of the month we had 4088 available listings, 36 percent higher when compared to July last year and down only 5 percent from June.”

He continued, “At the same time, sales numbers at 747 meant this was the quietest July since 2010.”

According to REINZ data, house prices in Auckland Region had a median price of $830,000 in July 2017 and the Auckland housing market continues to slow.

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