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  1. Acting as a non-professional executor of a will.
  2. Documents required to receive gift from Abroad
  3. Do I need a new IRD number?
  4. Do I still have to pay US social security tax?
  5. Paying tax on exchange rate fluctuations with investments in the USA for a dual citizen.
  6. Ceasing to become a NZ Resident for Tax Purposes
  7. Options to save for retirement in NZ? (not eligible for Kiwisaver yet) (US -> NZ)
  8. moving to NZ
  9. Opening a bank account while on an interim visa
  10. Open a bank account with bank in New Zealand to transfer money from home country before reaching there.
  11. local government pension
  12. Opening a IRD
  13. Proof of address for opening a bank account: What is required?
  14. Paying NZ company from Australia
  15. How does credit work in NZ?
  16. Tax File Number
  17. Tax Consultants / Accountants
  18. Barclays in UK, for NZ resident, no online access
  19. CC debt from SG to NZ
  20. Tax consultants able to cover NZ and UK
  21. NZ dollar exchange relating US President-elect
  22. Help understanding capital gains tax
  23. Opening a bank account while on visitor visa
  24. UK Tax / pension obligations
  25. Simple Income Tax Calculator on Google Sheets - but is that it?
  26. Transfer money from the UK - timing?
  27. Mortgage from UK
  28. new FBAR filing date (US financial reporting)
  29. US tax implications for KiwiSaver
  30. CRA tax confusion
  31. Cheapest way to transfer money from your home country's bank to a bank in NZ?
  32. Question on Income Tax for income earned in USA
  33. Credit History from US would help in NZ?
  34. Bank loan( personal loan)
  35. Tax on inward remittance meant for someone else?
  36. Converting and holding AUD in NZ Westpac Bank Savings account
  37. Bad Credit Status
  38. Kiwisaver Tax rate for those not earning in NZ
  39. Do I need a tax accountant?
  40. IRD Number help
  41. Best way to exchange a large sum of Euros?
  42. overseas inheritance and receiving a pension question
  43. IRD tax on US IRA account moved to NZ banks/brokerages
  44. Tax credit on school donation
  45. US pension schemes & brokerage accounts; how are they taxed for new immigrants now (2017-2018)?
  46. House Sale USA and Currency Exchange
  47. e-file income tax return (USA)?
  48. Filing tax return
  49. Outstanding Personal Loans in the UK
  50. Best Bank Account 2017?
  51. How much tax for two months contract?
  52. Large amount in bank account
  53. When do we receive a Personal Tax Summary for the previous tax year ?
  54. Tax Advisory
  55. online income tax record
  56. Transferring funds from U.K. to Nz
  57. working in a country without recipocal tax agreement with NZ
  58. Superannuation
  59. Looking for financial advisor with immigration experience
  60. Good investments in NZ
  61. Q: Living Standards for Single Income Household, Urban Setting
  62. Barclays Investments in UK, ISA, Market Master and Sipp - Smart Invstor
  63. bad credit
  64. Were you a New Zealand tax resident for the full year?
  65. Bonds dispute
  66. Cost of immigration?
  67. SGD to NZD - SMC - fee payment
  68. Account to account money transfer
  69. US NZ Tax Specialists
  70. Tax when Bringing money from overseas - "Transitional Tax Resident"
  71. Crypto currency
  72. When is an overseas income and NZ income
  73. Car allowance
  74. NZ Tax on UK Pension
  75. Need a affordable accountant