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  1. Take home pay after tax?
  2. What did you do with lump sum from house sale?
  3. Claiming child benefit from the U.K if you are in NZ on a temporary visa?
  4. Are there any ethical banks in NZ?
  5. KiwiBank
  6. NZ Tax Returns...
  7. Kids Kiwi saver
  8. Inland revenue forms & UK rental property
  9. IRD Numbers
  10. Primary Teacher's pay - Any teachers out there that can help??
  11. Moving pensions from UK to NZ
  12. UK state pension.
  13. Nursing Salaries
  14. Living in / around Manurewa?
  15. Transferring Money from the UK
  16. Could you live on 110K in NZ?
  17. Opening a kiwibank account
  18. Family Tax Credits
  19. NZ Credit Cards
  20. Exchange rates!
  21. Working For Families Tax Credits
  22. Account application, can someone help?
  23. South African's suggestions on moving pension
  24. Tax Forms
  25. Depressing....
  26. National insurance contributions
  27. Feeling the pinch?
  28. Westpac any good???
  29. NZ taxes and other pay deductions
  30. tax implications of working remotely from NZ
  31. Which bank will gives me Cards straight away?
  32. Tax on rental income
  33. Tips for Avoiding Bank Fees
  34. Clawback of NZ Super from overseas pensions?
  35. What about all of the Social Security I paid for all these years?
  36. Proof of funds
  37. Doing a Will
  38. Your monthly expenses...?
  39. NZ bank ratings?
  40. uk bankrupt
  41. Cost of Living Calculator - was it accurate or way out?
  42. "Forgetting" about US debt while living in NZ?
  43. NZ Government guarantee
  44. Problems Transferring money from NZ to UK?
  45. Average Night Out
  46. R43 - How Long Till You Got Your Dosh?
  47. Kiwi Bank EFTPOS Card
  48. Monthly Income after Taxes
  49. hourly wages for cleaning ladies
  50. Moving to NZ and 401K
  51. Should car insurance be compulsory in NZ?
  52. Credit Card Fraud, be aware
  53. How to get an IRD number?
  54. Best way to bring UK money in?
  55. GBP > NZD Exchange rate predictions?
  56. Opening a NZ bank account and which bank to approach???
  57. Transferring Money from UK Bank to NZ Bank
  58. Claiming back overpaid tax
  59. Can I open a bank account in NZ? (not PR)
  60. Foreign Currency Accounts (UK account but in $NZ)?
  61. UKForex... do any members regularly use them?
  62. Money Transfer Agents - Covered by the FSA?
  63. If NZ dollar drops to 40cent will prices skyrocket?
  64. Keeping UK bank accounts?
  65. NZ based bank account whilst UK resident?
  66. Sterling Cheques?
  67. Tax Credits/Child Benefit Uk&NZ
  68. IRD
  69. Credit checks???
  70. Exchanging Currency
  71. P85 refund from UK
  72. Kiwibank offers Visa debit
  73. Travelex VS XE
  74. Taxing tax return - argh
  75. Best way to send some money from the UK to NZ?