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  1. Orthodontist in Auckland
  2. Pregnant during skilled resident visa application
  3. Kids and Schooling...
  4. Kindergarten for 2/3 yo in the North Shore
  5. secondry school
  6. Cookery at OP (Otago Polytech), ARA Institute of Canterbury, or SIT (Southern Institute of Technology)
  7. GP Consultation fees for casuals / visitors
  8. Dentists out there - Can I make my own tooth paste?
  9. pregnant while on work visa
  10. Kindergarten Lower Hutt
  11. Visa for baby born in NZ while parents on WHV?
  12. Eligibility for public healthcare
  13. Skill Shortage
  14. Medical issue. Help!
  15. HBsAg positive
  16. Private Health Insurance
  17. A-levels in NZ as private candidate
  18. Chartered Accountant in Nz ?????
  19. Need of laptop/ PC in primary school
  20. Level 7 Grad diploma in Proff Accounting OR Chartered Accounting Program by CANZ?
  21. Low Academic Scorew
  22. Cost of having a baby in NZ?
  23. Childcare in Masterton
  24. essential skills work visa - eligible for public health care?
  25. Moving to Wellington with teen
  26. Doctor Costs
  27. How does residency for health care work? Permanent Visa out of country
  28. Catholic education & costs
  29. NCEA/CIE recognition
  30. Confused - do I need medical yes or no
  31. Montessori schools in Auckland
  32. Eastbourne schools and Wellington College
  33. Enrolling in Primary School
  34. Juvenile Diabetes
  35. Hep c
  36. Recommendations for Secondary School
  37. Medical waiver: Partner work Visa
  38. Partner of a Worker Work Visa for 30 months - eligible for public health care or not?
  39. Birthcare Parnell or Auckland Hospital?
  40. Taking Wife's Last Name
  41. Help, How can an a foreign doc actually get healthcare in New Zealand
  42. Topaz gemstone
  43. Anyone has experience with ACG Senior College?
  44. Eligibility for student loan under a refugee category
  45. tooth hurts after getting the filling done already one month over
  46. Bucklands Beach Intermediate or Remuera Intermediate? Help me with your opinion
  47. Help needed – Child getting bullied
  48. Immigration with young family
  49. Insulin Pump
  50. Health insurance for Domestic student visa child
  51. am I covered for public healthcare?
  52. Enroling children in school while still on a visitor's visa
  53. Pro Maori Schools and Area Advice Please
  54. Nursery in Christchurch
  55. Travel Insurance for a trip back home (Europe)
  56. Good EEC and Primary School in Johnsonville.
  57. Finding a neighbourhood with people like you - especially for stay at home wife with young kids
  58. Welsh speaking children in Auckland
  59. Study SAP
  60. Wife under Cancer Treatment
  61. childcare in christchurch for shiftworkers
  62. Wellington Integrated Secondaries
  63. Secondary Schools
  64. Eligibility for Student Loan/ study assistance
  65. Information needed regarding school fees.
  66. Health cover, 12-month work partnership visa
  67. Dental service for children under 17 years old
  68. High school transfer
  69. Need help to cook my meal
  70. Partners healthcare