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  1. Sumner/Redcliffs Schools?
  2. Learning Maori in school
  3. Papamoa Schools. Any Recommendations?
  4. Education in NZ vs US
  5. Head lice
  6. High schools in wellington
  7. Bringing up children in NZ
  8. Children's glasses - Anyone know if children's glasses are really expensive?
  9. Adventure School, Whitby
  10. Sinus problems in NZ??
  11. Decile rating - is higher really better
  12. Dental work in NZ!
  13. Before and after school care for primary kids
  14. NZ tap water safe to drink?
  15. Quality Kids Clothes
  16. Leaving kids home alone
  17. Boing, boing .....
  18. packed lunches
  19. Water bottles - plastic/stainless steel/other?
  20. Preschool education advice
  21. Living with allergies, eczema and asthma in New Zealand
  22. Enrolling at school in NZ on a Visitor Visa?
  23. School Donations
  24. Middlemore Hospital
  25. Schools bully parents for money
  26. Looking for Good Doctor & Dentist (Tauranga)
  27. GP in Wellington
  28. Dentist in Christchurch Area
  29. primary schools in paraparaumu
  30. Cost of living as an international student
  31. girls/boys school uniform
  32. Bullying: New Zealand Schools among the worst in the world
  33. Geneology? Family history research?
  34. Health insurance? Does it exist in NZ?
  35. Pregnant in NZ - just wanted to check what we have to do now
  36. Optical and Dental
  37. GP in Welly area
  38. schools in porirua/kapiti coast area
  39. When do Kids start school?
  40. Pregnant? Pack up and go home
  41. Primary school teacher training
  42. Free Prescriptions if you are over 60 in NZ?
  43. Moving around in Auckland - which school?
  44. NZ University and overseas credits
  45. Asthma in NZ
  46. Student Visa
  47. ACC / Surgery - first hand experience
  48. NZ Education OBE or Cambridge Syllabus?
  49. U.S. Healthcare vs. NZ and other nationalised programmes
  50. UK children and immunisations
  51. Healthcare costs for short-term visitors
  52. I think OH has a broken toe. What do I do?
  53. Eye surgery
  54. How does the health care system work
  55. Help! Pregnant whilst applying for PR
  56. Cost of visits to doctors
  57. University fees with PR
  58. Primary schools Wellington area
  59. Can anyone recommend.....
  60. Thinking about having kids... in the future...
  61. Coeliac (Gluten allergy)
  62. CHildren's stories about the migration process
  63. Wondering what child benefits there are in NZ, whether we'll be entitled to them (we have PR) and how we go about claiming them?
  64. Asthma rates
  65. Headlice
  66. No epidural? Suggestions for having a baby in Hamilton or Auckland.
  67. Testing Out the ACC
  68. What has just pollinated - snuffle snuffle
  69. 39 yrs of age and I start studying for my new career in the new year
  70. Interesting Article Regarding The English Education System
  71. Calorie counting spreadsheet
  72. Pit bulls - a major concern?
  73. Information about how much it costs to visit a doctor (GP) in NZ
  74. consultant referral in NZ - how?
  75. Applied Student Visa ,Medicals reffered to Medical Assessor.