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  23. different out comes for the same qulification
  24. SALFORD MSc. (Distance learning) on the list of qualifications exempt from assessment
  25. SALFORD Distance Learning Master degrees are accredited by NZQA
  26. IQA result for Bachelor of Science 3 year full time from India
  27. Work Experience letters are no longer required by NZQA for IQA
  28. Exact assessment outcome required from IPENZ to get the bonus points for a Software Engineer
  29. is 12 month fixed contract enough to apply for SMC?
  30. Has anyone ‘withdrawn’ partial qualifications?
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  33. (URGENT!!!!!)Extension for IQA and INPENZ assessment
  34. Ipenz
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  38. Recognised Qualifications on EOI
  39. Getting ACCA Qualification assessed by NZQA
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  41. IPENZ Help
  42. Is there an updated version of Expression of Interest Form (INZ1100)?
  43. Sent my IQA 4 weeks ago, need to have it ASAP - Is it worth paying a fast-track fee?
  44. claiming points for qualification gained in NZ bit confused
  45. Confusion over Degree Exemption Status
  46. Degree Exemption
  47. Importance of degree s name and French engineer degree
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  50. Recognized Qualification
  51. Can I skip the PAR and just get IQA for my EOI?
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  56. Is this ok to do?
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  62. Questions about NZQA assessment of European apprenticeship
  63. Whitireia polytechnic Auckland
  64. Please help me! Qualification points
  65. US certified copy of the passport bio page
  66. IPENZ Letter (Currently working in skilled job in NZ)
  67. NZQA exemption dates
  68. May have an issue with my qualification: Bachelor of Science Honours SMC EOI with job offer
  69. QCF diploma lvl3 qualification from UK
  70. Do I need apply for IPENZ after IQA?
  71. Pay for fast track fee after IQA submitted
  72. Can you claim "future growth area" points for software engineering with IQA only, no IPENZ?
  73. ACCA equivalence by NZQA
  74. Level-7 IT for an Undergraduate
  75. Urgent Help! How to extend my visa if I havent collect enough credits of my course