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  1. Did the NZQA document requirements page just update?
  2. How long does Education Bureau Hong Kong take to reply an accreditation?
  3. IQA result without education provider accreditation
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  7. Verification of qualification from awarding institution direct to NZQA as a requirement?
  8. NZQA Pre Assesment and IQA experience 2017
  9. NZQA Graduate Diploma VS Bachelor Degree
  10. Verification which can be acceptable and received sooner than transcripts / marksheet?
  11. Exempt qualifications list about to be updated - check if you don't have ITA yet!
  12. EOI IQA ITA inquiries
  13. Lodge SMC application before IQA
  14. Qualifications check
  15. IQA Assessing Process -- Degree Certificate Not Showing Final Grade
  16. Qualification assessment process
  17. IQA for Master Degree
  18. NZQA Pre-Assessment (PAR) really necessary?
  19. certified digital copies for IQA
  20. Recent IQA Timeline - Fast Track
  21. Required Documents - Diploma Supplement sufficient?
  22. A qualification at Level 7. Meaning?
  23. NZQA alignment with NZ Immigration Officers on the assesment outcome
  24. Electronic Transcripts for coursework
  25. NZQA did not acknowladge my college as its not in the Council for Higher Education
  26. Inquiry on IQA Required documents for Syllabus/curriculum /Course Description
  27. University of London Distance Learning Degrees Accepted by NZQA
  28. Istqb - ctal (full)
  29. IQA Timeline.
  30. IQA Expiry
  31. NZQA assessment same degree for two long term shortage title
  32. IQA - Appendix B - comparability assessment - Process
  33. Multiple Job Title in IQA Skill Shortage Form
  34. IQA Timeline 2019
  35. IQA - Teaching Registration and Syllabus Translation
  36. Degree from 1988 not on exempt list, no syllabus or transcripts
  37. How to convert Engineering Aggregate (Indian Certificate) to GPE as per NZ Standard ??
  38. Is my qualification exempt from assessment?
  39. Essential Skills Work Visa - is an IQA required?
  40. NZQA and NZQF
  41. IQA Assessment Level (BCom+MCA)
  42. Is IQA without award certificate possible?
  43. NZQA for CIPS Level 6
  44. Seeking clarification regarding experience as a web developer
  45. NZQA level 4 but level 3 outcome..can still get points?
  46. Master's level 9 eligibility for SMC
  47. NZQA Level 7
  48. IQA query for Residency application
  49. IQA Questions
  50. Assessment of previous qualification gained outside of NZ
  51. Help regarding IQA and english translation pls