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  1. Medical not showing online
  2. medical for Talent work to residence visa (bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, urine specific gravity)
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  4. So close but still so far.
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  6. Medical
  7. Inquiry about scoliosis
  8. Medical results are in!
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  10. IS it so difficult to pass the medical check?
  11. Medical Assessor - medical certificate referred to the MA
  12. Where to get medical done
  13. High cholesterol and abnormal liver function test
  14. Questions in Medical Form
  15. Time taken for Medical response
  16. Is IgA Nephropathy able to pass medical assessment?
  17. Medical referred to MA - BMI?
  18. Question of microalbumin / creatinine ratio !
  19. Further Tests Required. Not much fun
  20. NZ Medical on a Saturday?
  21. MA Waiting times
  22. WTR - how quickly do they let you know if referred to MA?
  23. Need Help on Medicals
  24. INZ1007 med cert lab referral section
  25. Repeat prescription
  26. Xray Film - Do we include this on the documents that we need to send?
  27. Is there a way to get additional info to MA whilst in the "queue"?
  28. Very Urgent
  29. has my medical been referred? :(
  30. Liver Function Test (ALT & AST)
  31. Medical cost in USA?
  32. How to Verify Medical Reports are complete in All respects
  33. Changes to immigration health screening!
  34. How stringent are the Medical Assessors?
  35. Repeat something new?
  36. Asthma - should it be a concern in EOI or the medical requirements for ITA?
  37. Got Medical report from Doctor, Need to be worried. Suggestion required
  38. high cholestral and raised ALT
  39. Xray Slides too big to fit in
  40. SGOT SGPT GGT high
  41. Anxiety (not stress)...any sufferer got to NZ?
  42. 150 difference in medical charges
  43. Abnormal Findings.. Does it automatically send to MA? Will CO email me about this or no more?
  44. Medical Status??
  45. medical centres in singapore
  46. Case referred to MA for diabetes
  47. Online Date of Immigration Medical has changed
  48. How long do your medicals last
  49. Past Chest X ray under 36 months ago
  50. Cost of Medical Exam+Chest X-Ray in US
  51. heamatology test- Heamaglobin low for my pregnant wife
  52. Lupus and Bipolar Disorder
  53. Medicals for Children !
  54. Medullary Sponge Kidney - But no Symptoms and Normal Renal Function
  55. Where do I take the medicals in Canada?
  56. work to resident visas
  57. Medical Date Changed from 15th July 2012 to 22nd Jan 2013
  58. Ireland or New Zealand - Where to do the medical?
  59. Hep C positive
  60. chest xray
  61. Regarding chest x-ray.
  62. Any experiences with easyIME in USA? (easy Imm med exams)
  63. Can a D.O. sign off on a medical?
  64. Medical assessor needs more information
  65. Time taken after referred to Medical Examiner
  66. Medical again ??
  67. Medical approaching in few days !! advice needed
  68. Sugar Level High (Diabetics) discovered ----- Impact on main Applicant or not
  69. Medical - what to take with us
  70. Autistic child - what additional information do i need to submit?
  71. Elevated Hemidiaphragm
  72. Chest x-ray : things "not visible", chest CT 'recommended'
  73. Chest X-Ray - Submitting additional evidence
  74. MA referrals
  75. Can I do medicals in any country?