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  1. Specialist report with ITA
  2. Hemoglobin Level 11.2 g/dL
  3. Regarding residency in nz being thalassemia major
  4. Partnership Work Visa Medical
  5. Waist
  6. Partnership visa application - Hep B treatment, medical waiver ?
  7. The physician has made a mistake in not submitting the Hep B test result (eMedical)
  8. Medical expired..
  9. Medical Cleared?
  10. Medical Examination with HBSAG +
  11. Immigration lawyers with expertise in dealing with MA
  12. Request for more medical tests / information
  13. Medical referral
  14. Work visa-high blood pressure
  15. status online change approved for SMC
  16. X-ray problems
  17. breast cancer risk
  18. SMC EOI e-Medical
  19. Additional TB tests after normal X-Ray
  20. Further Medical - Renal Abdominal Ultrasound
  21. My first language is English but I need to prove it: Residency Partner visa.
  22. Diabetes check 1 point above normal range
  23. Auto referral to MA - Only for residence applications?
  24. Limited or General Med Cert for newborn
  25. Back to NZ But More Health Issues This Time!
  26. Refused Grandparents Visa
  27. Pyruvate Kinase deficiency...
  28. Just checking we don't need an X-Ray...
  29. joint ownership of a car
  30. Abnormal blood test result
  31. Accredited Employer Work Visa - past cancer
  32. Need to apply for an extension for medical???
  33. Has anyone have an issue about the medical information upload?
  34. SMC - ITA - if I need to do medical examination once again
  35. Anyone granted a medical waiver with HIV?
  36. Medical
  37. Is it possible to contact MA?
  38. Anyone currently waiting for medical assessor decision?
  39. HBV positive and work visa approval.
  40. Are the Health Assessment Team and Medical Assessors the same thing?
  41. Medical For SMC
  42. What to expect from a Limited Medical Examination
  43. Recommend a panel doctor in Auckland?
  44. What is acceptable BMI Parents Visa
  45. SMC partner application general or limited medical
  46. Bring "relevant medical reports and xrays"?
  47. Hep B - Positive
  48. Medicals for Talent Accredited Work Visa.
  49. High heamoglobin level (work visa)
  50. NHI number and Immigration
  51. Iron deficient
  52. Chronic Illnes - how much Information should I give?
  53. Hi From Sunny South Africa
  54. Heart Murmur Detected During Medicals
  55. Hypertension - Cardiologist Report Your Opinion?
  56. New Surprise - Enlarged Thyroid with multiple Nodules (goiter)
  57. Current Medical Assessor Referral Times?
  58. Limited or General medical certificate?
  59. Applying for Residence Class visa after successful Work Visa? (Medical Question)
  60. Essential Skill Work Visa - Waiting for Approval
  61. Residency Approved!
  62. Do Medical Before Submit EOI or After obtain ITA?
  63. Essential Skills, Dependent Partner: Hematuria, Grade B
  64. Glaucoma and Diabetes case
  65. Specialist report on Anemia
  66. Work to residency - Medicals
  67. When will I hear from Medical Side?
  68. Forgot to include a document
  69. Benign heart murmur
  70. Hypertension-abnormal ECG
  71. Xray Abnormality
  72. Medical Condition
  73. Nodule on lung x-ray
  74. Health Data & Confidentiality
  75. Costs Covered for Medicals?