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  18. About the right way to bring in money for real estsate investment
  19. 5% deposit for new homes
  20. any website for Section purchase
  21. Is OIO Permission on just Under 40 Hectares Even Possible for a New Immigrant?
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  27. Takanini or Albany or other upcoming suburbs to Buy house, pls suggest
  28. Tips about Auckland suburbs - which places should I avoid?
  29. Questions to ask about new build
  30. Risks in switching mortgage broker, or shopping around, after a home loan is approved
  31. Getting the timing right
  32. About House Insurance Renewal
  33. Questions on section purchase
  34. Do you want to live the dream in Paradise ...in the winter less north
  35. Lifestyle for sale ...for around 230k UK pounds
  36. Apartment vs landed property facilities
  37. Offset Mortgage Discussion Thread : Tips & Tricks - Pros & Cons
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  39. Should I Bother With Property Management Companies?
  40. Is RV considered a minimum offer?
  41. Real estate
  42. "The reality of renting in Auckland"
  43. Moving to Auckland - Getting Real Estate Agents to search the right places
  44. Priced out of Auckland housing market?
  45. Renting out a sleepout?
  46. South East of Auckland CBD. Things to take care of..
  47. looking for a homestay in Northshore Auckland
  48. Selling house in UK from NZ
  49. House for rent in Lower Hutt / Wellington
  50. Looking for accomodation for small family in Botany area, Auckland
  51. Beautiful 3bdrm house with big garden close to Wellington - avail Aug/Sept and by neg.
  52. Good lawyer recommended for house purchase?
  53. Auckland oh Auckland!
  54. Looking for a place to live
  55. flat/share house in Taupo ! Wanted!
  56. House quality - Hamilton
  57. Anyone needing help with buying/renting/selling in or surrounding areas of Te Aroha?
  58. Foreigner buying a house in NZ
  59. Fixer-Upper vs. house in good nick vs kit home?
  60. Priced at $XXX,xxx+GST (if any) ???????
  61. Looking for a place (rent) with pet in Wellington
  62. Possibility to give a mandate to someone to visit a house on our behalf
  63. Where can I find information on buying houses, Taxes and on going charges Please.
  64. Section selection 101?
  65. 'Rental house condition/initial issues.
  66. Dispute with Landlord
  67. Family home
  68. Renting our house in UK - Tax obligations
  69. Buying a house | Talent (accredited employer) work visa
  70. Preparing to move from Canada to New Zealand - Tips from fellow Canadians please
  71. Knowing what areas to avoid.
  72. Renting in North Shore City
  73. Decent furniture store
  74. "Auckland houses dearer than London and LA"
  75. Bay of Plenty