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  1. E-coli in water supply
  2. We Need A Rental In Bucklands beach
  3. Tenancy agreement
  4. Trade Me Property App
  5. Why are all rental flats 3,6,8 person occupancy?
  6. Favona Manukau City
  7. TAWA - Wellington
  8. Banks Whitby Porirua Recommendations
  9. UK buy to let mortgages ?
  10. Can a house be called a Townhouse
  11. Recommend to buy 25 year old houses in Wellington?
  12. Preferred type of Roof, insulation foundation frames etc when building a new house in Wellington
  13. Fees for application to OIO
  14. Best bank for home loan
  15. Tax returns
  16. Importance of broker
  17. Is the property sale price = new RV ?
  18. Good areas in Lower Hutt
  19. Website which shows actual sale prices of houses in Wellington
  20. Is entire Karori cold damp and foggy ? Richmond avenue advisable?
  21. Zoned primary school for Broadmeadows, Wellington
  22. Lawyer recommendations for property buying
  23. Which page in the bid agreement are conditions for engineers report LIM, finance etc. Put ?
  24. Interested to buy Sections in Grenada Village
  25. Who builds the maximum number of houses in Wellington area
  26. New build - radiators
  27. Trademe
  28. Thinking to buy newly built Wallaceville UpperHutt houses
  29. Areas under development
  30. Nelson properties (and what's the catch with this one?)
  31. Termites?
  32. Dealing with rude property manager?
  33. Zero deposit home loan
  34. Estimate cost for buying a piece of bare land or section in Wellington area.
  35. Non Weather board 1974 home - can it be monolithic cladding and leaky ?
  36. Homestay in Wellington
  37. Tough search for rental properties in Wellington (Still going on!)
  38. How to rent a place being a new immigrant - Auckland
  39. Mortgage on work visa
  40. Renting a Apartment in Auckland - 2 Adult and 1 Infact
  41. Delayed Arrival: Housesitter? Other Solutions? Dec to February or March.
  42. Mortgages on Work Visa
  43. How to rent a place being a new immigrant - Christchurch
  44. Best Investment option?? Tauranga OR Hamilton OR Rotorua??
  45. Verification
  46. How safe is conifer grove area?
  47. Advice before signing the rental contract from overseas.
  48. Buying a house - how much is the initial deposit?
  49. Required Document for Rental
  50. Buying a house on skilled migrant resident visa
  51. Rentals and Pets
  52. First home buyer
  53. Requirements for Mortgage
  54. Relocatable House
  55. Mission Bay 4 bedroom wit 2 bathroom for Rent!
  56. CGT or tax in NZ when selling overseas investment property
  57. Whakatane area??
  58. Any recommended property lawyer - East Auckland
  59. New Migrants, and House purchase with the Overseas Investment Act changes
  60. Kiwi Saver question
  61. Border Income.
  62. Buy land and build house outside of Christchurch
  63. First Home Buyers Steps? Christchurch Area
  64. The joy of finding short-term rentals
  65. Importing a kit/prefab house from Europe
  66. "New 'Herald' Insights interactive: How much does rent cost in your suburb?"
  67. Moving out at the end a Fixed Term Tenancy
  68. "We build cheap in NZ"
  69. Buying house and land package
  70. useful website for home-buyers: settled.govt.nz
  71. Joint tenancy- resident and non-resident partner
  72. Housing on arrival and school zones did you Air Bnb, secure rental from offshore, make an advance trip to NZ?
  73. "Labour's Bill to curb foreigners buying New Zealand homes becomes law"
  74. How Messy a Leaky Building case can go on?
  75. "The rental crisis in Nelson and Marlborough"