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  1. British sense of humour.......
  2. What's a Rumpus Room?
  3. Selling to move
  4. Rental Frustrations. (Auckland)
  5. Importing appliances etc from UK
  6. how to find out if a property is freehold or leasehold
  7. Are rental prices in trade-me the real rental prices?
  8. 3 month+ rental wanted ASAP
  9. getting a rental in Jan?????
  10. Papakura
  11. What did you do?
  12. Important Building Consent Information for Christchurch Residents
  13. property selling grieve
  14. Buying before we arrive
  15. House prices and rateable value/Zoodle reports
  16. Leaky homes financial assistance package passed
  17. Less than a 12 mo lease in Auckland?
  18. Silverdale/ Orewa College area
  19. Subdividing in Chch?
  20. Bought a house!
  21. Has anyone retro fitted wall insulation?
  22. Accepted an offer on the UK house
  23. Buying a House v/s Building a new one
  24. Shared accommodation in North Shore
  25. letting house after returning to UK
  26. accidently made nz houses sound like wooden chalets
  27. Purchasing a Home
  28. How fast can we get a rental home?
  29. Why are houses so expensive in Auckland and Welly?
  30. Build or Buy?
  31. do Kiwis dislike us for pushing up prices?
  32. Anywhere other than Trade me???
  33. Fair-Go - What are you really getting with a Master Builder's Guarantee?
  34. Statistics on every NZ block
  35. Help! How do I know how much to offer?
  36. Home deposit
  37. Rental listings question
  38. Karori Agent
  39. A question from first time buyer
  40. Where to stay while building your new home??
  41. Rent to Buy
  42. Is it possible to find a warm/comfortable house or apartment?
  43. Rentals - Washing Machines normally included?
  44. Auckland Takapuna Oaks Motel - Recommended.
  45. Is it easy to break a rental lease?
  46. rentals near waiariki
  47. House building costs per square metre?
  48. Auckland Suburb Ratings and guide
  49. Where in the Auckland area should we look for houses?
  50. Tips for getting a warm, comfortable, cheap rental
  51. lifestle housing
  52. Buying a house on a low budget
  53. You simply get more of a house in the US
  54. Tenant refuses access to potential buyers
  55. whats after the 'fixed term tenancy agreement' period
  56. What exactly do we have to leave when we move house??
  57. How Flexible are House Prices?
  58. Townhouse vs House
  59. Buying a house- but contracting...
  60. Mortgages?
  61. Rent per week?
  62. Is Building a House on Filled Land too Expensive?
  63. Building inspections
  64. Concrete Water Tank
  65. Early Move Out
  66. How much is your rent
  67. Recommendation valuation consultant Eastbourne area
  68. Lifestyle blocks aka "hobby farms"
  69. Affordble houses in and around Auckland
  70. House is on the market so now need a buyer........any takers ?
  71. A good builder in Whangarei
  72. Moving to New Zealand on Working Holiday VISA
  73. Subdivision
  74. Does our landlord have to replace our Gas fire
  75. Things to look for in new rental accomodation