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  1. City Apartments, Country Houses, Phil Spencer and Empty Houses
  2. Luxurious Apartment Room available for Share close to Waterfront
  3. First time buyer
  4. Putting an offer on first house over here!
  5. deposit on a house
  6. Is this mould dangerous? (picture)
  7. Woohoo - Rental Sorted in Orewa!
  8. Quiet(er) Apartments
  9. house removal
  10. Room rate?
  11. Question on subletting and who pays utlities
  12. Buying 1st house!
  13. Positive vibes that we manage to conclude this time .......
  14. Build your own - pitfalls & what to look out for.
  15. House sitting websites?
  16. Renting a flat or house in Wellington
  17. Do you want to share an apartment in Auckland City?
  18. Property Management,Body corporate issues
  19. In which website I can find furnished short-term room for rent ?
  20. what to check before renting an apartment?
  21. Note to self...
  22. Asking price and selling price
  23. Are there homes that are not posted on the internet?
  24. How long between seller accepting offer and actual move-in?
  25. looking for a room to rent in Wellington, however need a good samaritan to help me with Trademe
  26. Can you buy a house here in NZ even if you aren't a PR yet?
  27. wastewater Bill
  28. Video Clips on NZ House Hunting
  29. Share accommodation..
  30. One week in and offering on a house!!
  31. Bank/ mortgage
  32. Earthquake safety and renting an apartment in Auckland
  33. Having an A1 Home Built (not the kitset)?
  34. How are rental applications selected?
  35. rental verbal agreement
  36. Seen our dream home ... time to visit the bank....!!
  37. Suitable rental for a to-be-born and a primary-1 kid
  38. Importing a kit house from Sweden/Finland
  39. Introduction to the real estate section
  40. Tenant responsibilities to landlord selling house
  41. Renting in Wellington
  42. Beware New Zealand Real Estate Prices
  43. Contacting Agent
  44. Wanted: Info on new residential developments in Auckland
  45. Shared accommodation in February
  46. So close yet so far!
  47. Renting in Auckland - do Agents actually read email?
  48. Cheap furnished apartment in Auckland-CBD
  49. How long is a piece of string, but...
  50. Price by Negotiation over x
  51. A question about tenancy agreements
  52. Advice please, what to offer for our rental
  53. benandclare's house up for grabs
  54. [Question] Which is better, through bank or mortage broker?
  55. Offering on a short-sale house
  56. Unheated Houses
  57. Arrived in Wellington...Looking for a 2 Bedroom apartment in Wellington CBD....
  58. Is it wise to buy real estate?
  59. Can I buy a house in NZ whilst on a student visa
  60. Advice NOT to buy any NZ house\extension built between 1992-2005, Part 1 of 2:
  61. NZ Leaky House
  62. EQC tricks?
  63. NZ Tenancy Tribunal and Property Managers
  64. How much do you pay for rent?
  65. HRV System
  66. Bank loans for non residents
  67. Rent A House - Utilities Included?
  68. Finding a builder
  69. Frustrated with landlords in NZ - dog pee carpet horrible old house
  70. Looking for a place to rent
  71. $$ info - Room for rents / Apartments ... etc
  72. Good real estate agent in Whangarei? Christchurch?
  73. Question about NZ earthquake zone classification
  74. how large are apartments really?
  75. Furnished or unfurnished?