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Glenda have you considered just hiring an empty container and packing it your selves. Its what we did and provided you get everything packed in boxes before hand the actual packing of the container is easy.
I will look into that, thanks. I have always done the packing myself in the past and moved most of the furniture (hubby has a knack of disappearing on 'business'). : It just would have been nice for once to have someone else doing it, especially since I will have other things to deal with a few days after - our emigration!

Meanwhile, PSS said all our furniture would fit into a 20ft container if we just ditched the kids wardrobes. No probs - a lot of NZ houses have fitted wardrobes anyway. But what a difference to Allied Pickford's insistence on a 40ft container! We were so shocked we forgot to ask "how much?". Think I had better wait for the official quotes to come back before making any more comments about shipping companies in case they have added up wrong. :