Hi, all.

I sometimes check in with the Education Gazette just to see if there are any vacancies in regions where my OH and I are thinking of settling. There are two listed that I am curious about, but I'm not sure what the ad means!

Here's part of the ad:

"All positions are regraded, there are no actual vacancies. Assistant HOD English, 1MU; and EPF lead teacher (FTMU)."

Ok, I have not heard of the term "regraded" used with an ad. Does this mean the position has been created due to need within the department?

And since there are "no actual vacancies," does this mean there is a chance they could hold the job a few months? (long shot, I know).

"HOD" means head of department, but what does 1MU refer to? I think MU is management unit, but I'm not sure about the 1.

The other position says "EPF"--meaning what?? and "FTMU" is something management unit...hmm??

Any help would be appreciated! I think my brain cells are fried, post-ITA

Last, there's an email address attached to the ad for which applicants are to inquire about job description and application. What is the suggested protocol regarding an email? How much info do I give with the inquiry about the job openings?