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Thread: NZIS 1113 form

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    Default NZIS 1113 form

    Hello all

    I wondered if anyone has any experience with/ knowledge of the NZIS1113 form.

    This was brought in New Year 2006 to formalise job offers to non NZers.

    I think it mainly applies to jobs not on the SSL and is necessary to offer a non-kiwi a job proving no other NZ'ers were suitably experienced/qualified etc.

    This looks quite a short form and might be a formality or then again maybe not!

    Regards Mike

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    I have had experience of the NZIS 1113 form as it is used for the employer to fill in when you go for soemthing like variation of conditions(changing employers).

    The way you have described it is exactly correct.

    Without this form completed NZIS will not agree to the variations being stamped into your passport.

    It only applies to applicants of WV.


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    I needed to use this form to get an immediate working visa to cover me while I had a retest of my immigration medical blood test.
    In the event the delay was only a few weeks but basically it is for NZIS to ensure that non-accredited employers have gone through the correct procedure for recruiting overseas workers. It asks for details on the job offered, salary details and qualifications required. Then employers are also required to provide details of genuine attempts to recruit suitable staff already in NZ - such as where the vacancy has been advertised and for how long and why any NZ applicants were not suitable.
    In my experience NZIS treat this very reasonably and are just looking to ensure that the basics have been covered not trip anyone up or make it impossible.
    Hope this helps

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