We have started the ball rolling for bringing the dogs over from the UK. They are both large so its not cheap. We are in NZ and are having to leave all of the tests, samples collecting, vets visits to our daughter who is in the family home in Essex. before Pete and I left for NZ Kerry and I went to the Vet and had a good chat with him so we all knew what was going on. Now the house has a buyer and we are in a position to receive the dogs here we have started the procedures. As I said Kerry has got the wonderful job of collecting samples and taking the dogs to the Vets for blood tests. We are bringing them out with Ladyhaye at Heathrow, out of 3 or 4 places that I applied to they are the only ones who bothered to reply. They have given Kerry the schedule to follow and booked the flight etc. The arrangements at present are for Kerry to drive round to pick up the travel crates a few days before to get them used to them and to get them smelling of home and she will take them to the airport to catch the flight and meet the ladyhayes/customs or whatever there.

We have at this end been contacted by the MAF who have given us a list of times and procedures for picking the dogs up. I really feel bad about putting them through the journey as I know it will be hard for them, but it is after all just a short time in the big scheme of things. We will let people know how things progress as it happens.