Can anyone fill me in on health care system in NZ...

I am moving with my wife (who is about 6 weeks preg) to NZ in late October / early November.

We are moving from Australia

Purpose of move is for a 3yr project near Auckland.

We have top hospital private cover in Australia and are struggling to find out how NZ health system works. We are wondering do we keep paying our health insurance in Australia and fly her back to have the baby down under or do we find out a someway of doing it in NZ without incurring large health costs in NZ.

In australia - generally the govt covers around 50 - 80 % of the scheduled fee for a procedure . insurance companies will cover say up to 30% of the scheduled fee - if the actual cost of the procedure is > the scheduled fee then you pay the difference (the gap)

trying to establish what we will be up for in the land of the long white woolly sheep