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Thread: Wages in Christchurch

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    Default Wages in Christchurch

    Would a salary on 60K a year for three people feel comfortable in the Christchurch area....


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    It would depend on your other commitments / rent etc but yes, that would be comfortable.

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    That is good to hear, many of the job adverts I have seen on the web don't actually mention money.

    Can anyone help with average salaries for Sales Managers in the Christchurch region.

    Also if I get a job when I get there, I will need to try and get something part time, preferably term time for schools, are there many jobs like that.

    I am going through parents saying I am mad for wanting to move to NZ and that I won't be able to afford nice holidays etc once we move to NZ salaries, the sea is to cold to swim in, we would only be able to afford camping holidays etc.

    I am looking for a nice atmosphere for my 8 year old to grow up safely, and with more freedom than I can give her in the UK.

    My resolve to move is probably made stronger by having to argue the good points of NZ, but some backup would be great.

    Thanks everyone.

    This site keeps me sane.

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