Hi there,

Are there any radiographers out there who have made the move to NZ or are planning a move? I need some advice so I'm hoping someone can help.

My partner has just started a three year degree in Radiography in the UK. She is planning to be a diagnositic radiographer rather than one which specialises in cancer treatment. This has put my plans to go to NZ in a bit a spin because we don't want to be apart.

As far as we can see we have three options:

1) Waiting until 2008 until my partner has finished her degree and has worked as a radiographer in the UK for at least a year. We spoke to a health recruitment advisor at the NZ EXpo in London who told us the NZ health boards would not consider a UK radiographer for a job until they had a least a year''s work experience in the UK. Is this true?

2) She could apply to do her second and/or her final year at a NZ Uni as a international student. However this would cost about NZ$ 12,000 per year plus she wouldn't get any help with living expenses, etc. However this is well beyond my partner's finanical means.

3) We could live together for at least a year so we could could apply for PR as a couple. She could then do her second and/or final year at a NZ Uni as a home student which would be about NZ$ 4,000 per year plus she would get help with living expenses.

One of my partner's concern's is that there appear to be alot of differences between the roles UK and NZ radiographers. Also NZ radiographers appear to be more scientific based than the UK which shouldn't be a problem as she already has a degree in astrophysics, a PhD in astromony, and has worked a project manager for an engineering firm for the last 7 years. However as well she is worried about switching courses and messing up her abillity to work as a radiographer in either country.

I was hoping that we could live in Wellington but the only course there (at the School of Health and Medicine) seens be for radiographers specialising in cancer treatment. The main possibility for the kind of course she wants to do is at Unitec in Auckland.

I would be very grafeful for any thoughts or advice from any radiographers out there. Thanks in advance! *:)