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    Default Job offer - Work Permit or WHV

    HI evreyone,

    Just back from NZ yesterday! My partner had a sucessful interveiw. They have offered my partner casual hours for when we are ready to arrive. Which will lead to a perment posistion once we have decided which area around Auckland we want to be in.

    So we want to get to NZ in the next few months, Whats the best way???

    Looking at the Immigration website for a work permit the company has to be an accredited employer, which it isnt as yet and the occupaction isnt on the LTSSL.
    We persume will we also need an official letter from the empolyer of the offer of employment? Will immigartion ask for anything else aswell?

    We have also looked at the WHV which seems a quick way to get there but how would we apply for PR from a WHV. As it would seem we would end up in the same position as trying to get the work permit.

    Or can we do anything once were in NZ on tourist visa's?

    We will be grateful for any help on this. I'm sure lots of people have been in this position - maybe its not has hard as im working it out to be.
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