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Thread: Construction oppourtunities.

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    Hi everyone,
    Things are ticking along nicely regarding all the paperwork required, my qualifications have been evaluated, police checks are completed. With regard to medicals we are holding fire for the moment as it is all systems go on preparing the house to go on the market. I am in construction and having built are own home in Cornwall some 17 years ago, its about time i finshed all those bits and pieces that have been hanging around whilst i've been undertaking work for my customers all these years. My obvious main concern is ascertaining a job or a job offer. We attended the New Zealand Job Expo at Earls Court in April and left my cv with agencies being told that in due course i would be contacted regarding oppourtunities. Am i being to impatient. Our thoughts now are leaning towards me taking a trip and searching for a job. I am a bricklayer by trade with experience in site management and supervisory positions. Is there anyone wether in construction or not who may be able to advise as to the current oppourtunities available and any opinions on the best way to go about getting that offer.
    Sorry for the lengthy explanation.
    Simon S.

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    Hi Simon

    Can't really help with question but OH is a Sparkie and we are searching for jobs at the moment. We are wondering also if a trip out there is the thing to do in order to secure employment? Good luck with it all

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    Well I managed to secure an offer using a company called Taylor & Associates. They specialise in obtaining job offers for people wanting to settle in NZ. I only had a couple of telephone interviews and didn't have to travel to NZ for an interview. This may not be the case every time so I guess you'd have to be prepared if they wanted to see you. It was not a cheap service however, as well as a flat fee, they also bill you for 10% of your anticipated 1st year earnings when they have secured an offer for you. They have a very high success rate but I think they only take on people who they honestly believe they can find a job for. It worked for me though and my husband and I are now settled in NZ and have been for 9 months. Here's a link to their website if you're interested.


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