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Thread: Entry, Proof of funds? (12mth Visa)

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    Default Entry, Proof of funds? (12mth Visa)

    Regarding proof of funds on entry? Probably just paranoid here...!

    My visa is one special to "Bunac" the actual visa is a IEP Work Visa..
    BUT the actual blue sticker in my passport simply says "Work permit" and nowhere on there at all does it state any difference from a standard WHV or Work visa?

    Reason i worry is how do immigration know your type of exact visa and those conditions? As the IEP visa i have states in its documentation that i only need proof of 400 for visa, and 500 for onward flight (ie i been assured i only need proof of 900 on entry?!?)

    But with everyone saying it must be NZ$4200 i am concerned "IF" asked or questioned how the officers will ever know i am allowed entry with only 900 funds? As even a recent call to NZIS a call-desk lady claimed to not even have ever heard of an IEP visa

    Both Bunac & IEP themselves in NZ, have confirmed that i only need prove funds of 900 ( i shall have about 1500-2000 depending on final wages!) Just worried an officer could be funny if he "belives" i should have $4200?

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    As far as I am aware (!) there is no law that says you have to have a certain amount of funds for a period of time. What they want to know is whether you can support yourself financially.

    We came to NZ on visitor's visas (twice) and it was fine for us to tell passport control that we had credit cards and cashpoint cards that worked in NZ (Cirrus) and internet banking so we could organise our funds in the UK. I'd be very surprised if anybody has experienced any difficulties on this front.

    Imagine this scenario in the UK .. a foreigner turns up at Heathrow with no funds and no plan to support themselves - they will probably be turned away. Another foreigner turns up with credit cards, bank cards and a definite plan for supporting themselves - they will be waived through.

    I'm sure you'll sail through!


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    Thanks Dawn, prob just last minute nerves! lol (well 17day nerves)

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