Not happy with your TV reception?

In case you guys weren't aware, you can now get TV1, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori channel, and V8 sports channel for free on satellite, anywhere in NZ. Prime will supposedly start broadcasting as well, but no firm decision yet. That's especially nice for those of you in rural areas where you tv reception is 'average'. If you have a sky dish that you aren't using, you can buy a tuner and you're good to go. (you don't need to point it anywhere else) If you don't have a dish, you can of course buy one from retailers as well. I've seen it in action and the picture is great quality. You also get the benefits of a built-in TV guide.

Here's more info about it:

I'm curious if anyone else has bought tuners yet. You can get the 'certified' tuners from Dick Smith etc, but they are quite expensive (about $300). You can buy simple tuners on the web for about half that price, but with that, you get fewer video/audio out options, and a not quite as fancy EPG (electronic program guide).

Couple sites where you can buy online:

Any first hand experience with the different tuners/receivers? I've been reading that the Zinwell tuner (one of the 'freeview certified') has some serious quality control issues.