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Thread: Cheese & Tomato Pizza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tia Maria View Post
    We haven't found any either. So we do homemade also, but the lazy version - with ready made pizza bases. Checkout Foodtown online for a range (search for pizza):

    Leaning Tower seem to do a cheesy microwave snack pizza but I've got a feeling that it isn't plain either.

    Hells pizza do a range called 333, which allows children to have no, or 1 topping for $5 or sometimes free with a meal deal

    Our fussy 5 year old likes these and is even trying toppings now as you can just put them on half. Ice cream for afters acts as the bribe errrr I mean incentive!

    On a similar note has anyone come across non-spicy sausage rolls? My kids use to love Greggs sauasge rolls in the UK but are finding it hard to get use to the spicier ones here. Same with sausages in general.


    We found the cheesy pizzas in Foodtown but unfortunately for us they still have mushrooms and capsicums on so no way our boys will eat them. Hey ho!

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    we buy the cheap frozen ones with toppings but then just pick the unwanted frozen topping off before cooking, this only really works if not completely smothered in something you dont want.

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