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Thread: Rotorua - We don't mind commuting up to 45 mins

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    Default Rotorua - We don't mind commuting up to 45 mins

    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to ask a question of any of you living in or around Rotorua.

    We have a potential job down that way (not definite yet, but it's a maybe) but before we invest all our time and effort into getting the job we just wanted to ask a bit about Rotorua.

    I've heard some bad (but also some good) things about the area and have read some of the previous posts about the town and while I'm sure many people are happy in Rotorua to be honest, it sounds like it wouldn't really be for us although I understand that it's very difficult to make that decision without actually visiting the place. However, if we can get a job offer it makes things a lot easier for the immigration plus also the money side of things upon arrival in New Zealand so obviously if we get this job then it would be good for us but we'd have to live in Rotorua.

    What I really wanted to know was is it possible to live on the outskirts of Rotorua or even in a different town further out and commute into the centre? Does anyone do this or are there even any towns outside of Rotorua? I'm really not very familiar with the area. We don't mind commuting up to 45 mins.

    Any advice would be great, thank you

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    Rotorua is very easily commutable from a number of more rural areas surrounding it. We lived out at Lake Tarawera, which is about 20 minutes drive into town. Lake Okataina is closer on the same road, maybe 10 minutes into town. Tarawera is very scenic and the lake is on your doorstep for kayaking, swimming, fishing etc. Downside is that house princes are sky high for the area and a lot of rentals tend to be for only part of the year - the owners often want them back over the summer holidays. There's not really a 'centre' at Tarawera, just a lot of houses tucked into the bush along Spencer Road. Okataina is also scenic and good lake access. Both communities tend to be dominated by well to do pakeha. We absolutely loved living at Tarawera - the 20 minute drive from town was enough time for Mr Rr to shake off all the crap that came his way during the working day.

    In Rotorua town itself preferred suburbs for white settlers include Lynmore, Springfield and Kawaha Point. All these are very easily commutable to the town centre. Ngongotaha is about 15 minutes north of the town and also popular.

    TBH IMHO your experience of Rotorua will depend very much on your daily work. Mr Rr was really turned off the town - he worked there as a secondary teacher and was daily exposed to the negative aspects of the area - gangs, poverty, violence, drugs. I, on the other hand, wasn't exposed to this and could quite happily have lived a very pleasant middle-class pakeha existence, as the area has a lot to offer. So I wouldn't write it off altogether or be too swayed by the negative headlines. Like anywhere, if you choose where you live carefully and you earn enough, you can insulate yourself from the nastier aspects of life.

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    My partner and I have lived in Rotorua for 2 1/2yrs and love it here. Yes you hear of crime (as anywhere else) but we have never actually seen any here. As Ruthyroo said you have your nice areas: Lynmore, Springfield etc., but there are areas to avoid, again as anywhere else.

    We like Rotorua because we are pretty central to alot of things: the coast, Auckland etc., and there is so much to do here. All the lakes, so beautiful, mountain biking in the forest, hot pools out at Waikite....... which is a nice place to live, only 20 mins into town, nice farming community.

    You really need to look at an area and get your own feelings for it IMHO. We had never visited NZ or Rotorua before we came out here, my partner got offered a job in Rotorua, we did some research and have been here ever since We have a nice group of friends, Kiwis mostly, I have the perfect job what more could we ask for.


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