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Thread: ITA Cover Letter Question

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    Default ITA Cover Letter Question

    We are about to submit our ITA, cutting it very fine as per usual.
    The letter with the ITA and the check list do not mention a covering letter but I have seen other people mention their letters. If it is not mentioned, do we not need one, or should we do one just to be on the safe side?

    Please help!!

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    Just on the verge ourselves.

    If you look on the sheets 'Tips for Lodging Skilled Migrant Applications' (if that's the way you're doing it) after 'General Information' it goes 'Order of Application.
    Please submit documents in the following order (top to bottom):
    • Covering letter


    We've just basically said what's in the pack and why we think New Zealand will cease to exist unless they let us go there

    Lots of love
    Gilly and Simonxxx

    Well, a bit more than that but not reams and reams.

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    It's another way to sell yourself - after spending a lot of time and money pulling your documents together - why wouldn't you write one?

    If there's anything not completely standard in your application, a cover letter is the perfect place to point it out and explain it. (For example, I was mising the required employment history documentation because the companies in question no longer exist - but I did supply invoices, tax receipts and personal affidavits as a substitute.) No need to make your caseworker's work more difficult.

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    I would definitely write a cover letter (I do think our info pack asked us to). But as was pointed out, you should use this opportunity to "blow your own horn."

    I imagined how I would feel getting this package of materials and trying to figure out what things are and what they are proving (even though you've followed a check list).

    So, my covering letter was a "guided tour" of what each section of my application pack contained. That way, if my visa officer had any questions whatsoever about what in the world I was trying to prove in section 9, they could refer to my explanation: "This section contains 3 photos of my oldest daughter when she visited NZ for three months in 2006 as a volunteer for Global Volunteer Network. As you can see, she is delighted to see a baby kiwi in person at the National Zoo " or something like that.

    Or I wrote something more to the point like, "Section 7 contains three letters of reference from my former employers: Mr. Jones, Mrs Smith, and Mr. Roberts."

    My covering letter ended with a paragraph expressing our gratitude for getting this far in the process, our excitement over the possibility of living in NZ, how much research we had done to prepare, and the relief to hand all the info over to them!!

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Cover Letter Sample

    Here you go - see if this helps.

    Cell - xxxxxxxxx.
    Email xxxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxxxxx (Immigration officer),
    Immigration New Zealand,
    London Branch,
    New Zealand House,
    80 Haymarket,
    London SW1Y 4TE.

    Date xxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I am xxxxxx aged xx, resident of xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx. It is my desire to pursue an application for permanent residence in New Zealand, under the Skilled Migrant Category particularly as an xxxxxx professional. I am certain that my qualifications as a professional would make me a valuable and worthy candidate for migration in New Zealand.

    I have enclosed the required documents in support of the information I had provided on EOI No. xxxxxx and in accordance to the application for residence as outlined in the Application for Residence Guide for the Skilled Migrant Category. These documents are original. Copies of the same have also been provided for your reference apart from copies of Passports.

    Included also are additional documents showing proof of:

    - xxxxxxx (this is if you are waiting for any documentation to come through).

    Should you have other inquiries with my application or there are other documents you require, please feel free to get in touch with me and I shall be more than willing to answer them personally. I sincerely hope that you will give a favourable consideration on my application.

    I have made a list of documents enclosed as per below and if you would kindly acknowledge their receipt on a copy of this covering letter as attached.

    Documents enclosed

    1. Application form,
    2. Birth Certificate,
    3. Passports (3) (2 expired and 1 current),
    4. Evidence of work experience,
    5. Evidence of Qualifications,
    6. Medical Certificates plus x-ray and
    7. Police Certificates.

    Respectfully Yours,


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