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Thread: rental agencies - wellington

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    Default rental agencies - wellington

    Hi there
    four weeks today and we'll have just taken off from Heathrow airport. Scary!

    On a long list of jobs to do when we land is to find a rental - can anyone reccomend rental agencies that cover Pinehaven,silverstream,Stokes valley etc

    Ideally I'd like to make some contact with them now to see whats available

    Cheers for any help

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    The gillies group advertise rental in the Upper Hutt leader (local paper)
    You need to talk to Janine Tweedale
    Other than that try or the dominion post on a Wednesday and Saturday.

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    Hi there,
    Iíve personal had farcical experience of Gillies Group (as an owner not renter). I found them to be disorganized, unprofessional, apathetic, lazy, incompetent and inept in the extreme.
    I did manage to focus their minds in the end (think Sybil Fawlty & OíReilly the builder) although I virtually did their job for them, and have thus had no problems with them since.
    So I guess you pays your money, you takes your choice.
    Q: Would I recommend them
    A: I Think not
    Defiantly check-out Trademe
    Best of luck

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    Sorry I can't remember who I had contact with at Gillies, but I thought they did all right when I was looking at rentals in Upper Hutt. Their agents actually returned my phone messages, which wasn't the norm for other companies

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