I'd be really grateful if somebody could point us in the right direction on this one.

Brief outline of details:

Moving to NZ as soon as house has sold. Kiwi Husband (been out of the country for about 20 years), me English - 2 half breed kids :eek

Husband works for oil company which means he has to work anywhere in the world as required. The company are US owned, he is paid in US dollars (into UK bank account at the moment).

With me so far?

So - when we are living in NZ, working for the same company, same pay rate and same pay details, he'll just be flying in and out of Auckland instead of Manchester - what do we do as far as income tax is concerned?

I know that the first thing we will need to do when we arrive is seek out the services of a tax consultant, but it would be good if somebody could give us abit of a clue beforehand.