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    I was just having a nose on Virgin Atlantic's website (prep for the honeymoon :P ) and noticed that they are advertising the fact that they are part of a new goverment pet travel scheme. It means you can take your pet (Cat, Dog or Ferret???) with you on the flight (in the cargo hold).

    Does this mean you don't have to go through expensive agencies anymore? Does anyone have more info on this ?


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    Hi Millie, the way I read it there it's not for flights to NZ?

    "Under the Government's new Pet Travel Scheme pets can now travel on Virgin Atlantic to and from:

    Los Angeles
    New York-JFK
    New York-Newark
    San Francisco

    Pets can also travel to Johannesburg on Virgin Atlantic, however as the destination is not part of the Pet Travel scheme, different regulations apply. Please ask for more information when you call.

    For all enquires and bookings please call one of the following numbers:

    UK 08450 701 701
    US 1 800 828 6822

    Please note that the PETS scheme only applies to cats, dogs and ferrets and all pets travelling on Virgin Atlantic flights must travel in the cargo hold. UK legislation makes it impossible for us to accommodate pets travelling in our cabin areas. To find out more about the PETS scheme visit: "

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