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Thread: UK Police Officers working in in NZ Police

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    Default UK Police Officers working in in NZ Police

    Janette and I have been PM'ing about nursing issues (as we are both in the profession) - and both our hubbies are police officers, is there anyone on the forum who knows of anyone who has gone through the process of applying?

    We have PR - me as principle applicant - so my man can apply once we are in NZ (or maybe even before depending on who you get to speak to at the recruitment centre in Wellington).

    We do know that had we gone down the route of work to residence, he wouldn't have been able to apply.

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    I know that about a year or so ago NZ shipped 100 trained UK police and their families over to NZ to live and work there.

    When I was there in April there was a show on TV which was a kind of follow up show featuring these families.

    From what I can remember most of them had settled in well and were enjoying their new 'beat'.

    A couple of families had not settled and had returned to the UK.

    I understand the police were given jobs over there to boost the number of officers in NZ, whether there is still a shortage or not I don't know, but :hopeso there is for the sake of your hubbies.

    Good luck


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    I know from the bbc program get a new life with the Denninson /wellington family that he was a ex uk copper who had to have several months of re-training and decided not to.


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