Hey everyone,

New to the forum. Getting ready to hop ship to down under. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for the layout of the resume/interviews and what is expected in New Zealand.

I learned here in the US that a full page and cover sheet, nothing more, was the most important emphasis in getting through to employers and it would be the interview where you would fill in any holes. (Seems to work on Monster and my past experiences.) Would this hold true in New Zealand, or rather would I get noticed less because everyone is writing 5-6 page resumes? I work in Telecom Engineering, sorta IT sorta Engineering.

Any other advice on how to get over the "you're an American, and won't be here long" hump? I am actually a dual citizen to New Zealand and the US, though I still have the american accent and therefore a little concerned on the prejudice. even though I plan on staying a while.

Any advice on Contract companies, or getting full time positions as well would be a bonus.