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Thread: Dutch washing machine & dryer

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    Default Dutch washing machine & dryer

    Hi there,

    Just sizing up what we'll be moving to NZ from Amsterdam - moving in December. Will our washing machine & dryer work in NZ? Or, should we sell them & buy again in NZ?

    The extra cost of shipping our pretty new washing machine & dryer will be about Euro 350 (NZD600), so just deciding whether it's worth shipping them with our other things in the container?


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    First the technical points:-

    Assuming that you mains voltage is 230V 50Hz (as is the harmonised voltage in Europe), then the washer and dryer should work without any problems in NZ.

    The normal mains current in NZ is 10A, some dryers use more power than the wiring can safetly handle. If your dryer take can take more than 10A and there is no setting to reduce this, then you may need to have the wiring from the fuse box improved.

    Then you need to consider, how much you can sell them for and cost to replace them, against the cost of shipping them. Can you have them serviced in NZ (most european models / parts are not readily available).

    If you sold them, could you replace them with similar models (choice in NZ is more limited).

    Normally, the white goods just go in the container with the rest of the furniture so there is no additional costs associated with shipping them. If that was the case, then I would probably bring them (good models are expensive in NZ).


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    Another point to add is, that a lot of the houses - both you rent and buy - have the whiteware in it. Yes, I know - not the quality you will be used to, but it saves you the cost.


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    When we had several moving companies giving us an estimate, the one we chose in the end hadn't included the white ware (the others had). When we told him we decided to bring the whiteware after all, he just said: "OK, no problem, you have enough space in your container." No extra costs.

    Good luck, JohNZ.

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    We brought our Dutch washing machine and dryer, and they work fine here. Haven't regretted taking them either, as replacing them with equal quality machines would have been much more expensive. They just went into our container with the rest of our stuff, no extra cost of shipping.

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