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    Hello Guys,

    I am WISHING, its my first time writing here as i am quite confused on what to do next ( i read all the threads here related to my case but still, i felt that i need a more 'personalize' answer. My details as follows:
    Submitted EOI- july 26 ' 07
    Selected from the poll - aug 1 '07
    ITA recieved - oct 31 '07
    Apps subs to NZQA - NOV 16 '07
    Recvd by NZQA - nov 22 ' 07
    TEAM MAILBOX reply that they got my APPS - dec 3 ' 07

    I am wandering until now because as per TEAM MAILBOX, they assumed that i already got my email confirmation ffrom NZQA about my app. they said, if i have not recieved it, replied back to them, which i did! until now, no feedback or whatsoever (btw, they gave me my application reference number). where can i use this reference number? do anyone know a site for verification status of application where i can use this application number?
    Also, i am now thinking if i should take med exam now even if i don't know the result of the NZQA assessment yet? my deadline is Feb 4, i dunno how long it would take in NZQA for my assessment as i need to include it in my ITA else it would be NOT be accepted. Please enlighten me, what should i do? please?

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