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Thread: NZ Electricians advice required

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    Default NZ Electricians advice required

    Hi folks

    I'm currently studying household electrical installation stuff as a bit of a fall back position. I'm actually an aircraft electronics/electrical technician and I have a few questions if you can help out.

    I'm on an approved EAL electrical installation course (including applicable building regs) and we can complete all 17 modules whilst on the course. i.e. the external exam plus the internal assessments.

    I've already passed 16th edition and the PAT testing courses and I'm booked on the Inspection and testing next.

    Question 1 - is it worth doing all 17 assessments? Would any of them exempt you from some of the NZ exams?

    Question 2 - If I passed all modules, plus inspection and test, does this exempt you from any more exams?

    Question 3 - if I passed all the above plus got registered and had 2 jobs assessed does this make it any easier?

    Question 4 - is there much work out there for a lecky and are the wages any good?

    I know about the NZ electrical safety course you have to do but I couldn't get my head round the NZ electrical board website and equivalalencies.

    Thanks for any advice


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    Default leckys

    Hi there

    I am assuming you have looked at

    When we had any specific questions these people were helpful:

    They both work for EWRB. Maybe if you email them with specifics you will get the answers you require.

    There was another chap who ran the health and safety course but i can't find his details. I will continue looking. Best of luck


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    I did the NZ health and safety course in London, which was expensive for what it was and its only good for a year. As above EWRB will help you out, but you ill still have to get registered in NZif you want to work as a spark. The average wage for electricians in Christchurch is $26 hour. Hope this helps you.

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    Hi folks,

    thanks for that. Looking at the website I think I fall foul of the 4 years experience rule. Got it in electronics/electrical service but not electrical installation.

    Even with experience we still have to pass practical exam, plus perhaps other stuff. MMMMM.... I think I just do the EAL module 1 exam and skip the other assessment bits. Save my pennies. Still doing C&G inspection and testing exam though.

    Is there much work out there for a 'trainee' who just needs the experience and if so are the wages much lower??


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    Think you just discovered yourself something i would have warned you about and thats the experience required. I have 17yrs exp as a sparky and still having battles proving it to EWRB here And yes even after that theres still practical courses to do (i got 2 weeks course soon here).

    The guy who does courses in London is Nick Chandler

    The C+G 2391 (insp and testing) as far as i know isnt recognised over here, i have it and not gained anything with it, hell the kiwi sparkies only just found out what a loop tester is, let alone know how to use any testers!

    Regards the modules, sadly no idea on those? I hark from the days of C+G 236 and i know all exams and certs different now.

    Work seems plentiful for us leccy folk, although i can only speak from my experience in Wellington (sure auckland will be as busy if not more so, for work). When i had agencies finding interviews for me, i ended up with about 10 in the first week, and that was without NZ registration, so people want the workers for sure. Average wage in Welly seems to be about $26 an hour too.

    I think you would have to see about trainee positions, many firms do seem to have many "mates" and trainees so i am sure you'd be fine. I myself am only on trainee wages right now until i get my registration finished and wage is just short of the $20 hour mark. Looking forward to my practising license and more money!

    Good luck my friend, PM or email me if you want to talk turkey.. (well electrical turkey that is)

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