I've got a real tough dcision to make regarding attending university. I have been accepted to both Auckland University of Technology and University of Auckland for a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary.) I already have my BA in history from George Washington University in the US. My problem is I already owe US$20,000 in loans and AUT is several thousand dollars cheaper than UofA, but I will need to find a job in NZ right at graduation in order to stay in the country. My question is for any teachers out there. Is a qualification from UofA considered much better than one from AUT? Do you know if one or the other has any particular reputation, good or bad, in the education community?

UofA is of course better known internationally, ranked in the top 50 in the world, but a teaching degree from there is still worthless in the US, so going to AUT won't change my future prospects if I return to the US in a few years. My concern is for getting a job in NZ or if nothing is available there, then in Australia. I've already checked and Queensland and Victoria accept NZ teaching degrees without need of assessment.