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Thread: favourite kids activities Wellington and Dunedin area?

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    Default favourite kids activities Wellington and Dunedin area?

    If your sister's or cousin's family (with kids in the 7-12 yr old range) was coming for a visit, where would you be sure to take them?

    We're coming for a visit (but won't show up on your doorstep!) in a couple weeks and I want to be sure to include great kids' activities.

    I tend to drag my daughter to art museums, symphonies or world music festivals, farmer's markets..

    .but what she really loves is the
    carousel at the zoo
    or the children's museum,
    amusement parks
    or parks with an expanse of playground equipment
    or beachcombing for shells...

    From a kid's perspective, what's the best the Wellington and Dunedin regions have to offer kids?

    I'm thinking botanic gardens with the tram in Welly,
    kayaking in Golden Bay (I know she'll dig this), the Marine Aquatic Centre on the Otago Penninsula,
    the old train that runs from Dunedin inland for a few hours...

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    For Wellington, first recommendation is always going to be Te Papa museum, it has great activities for children of all ages.

    The zoo is always worth a visit but not very big and the botanic gardens have got a big playground as well.


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    For Dunedin:

    the Otago Museum

    bike riding on the Rail Trail (inland)

    visit some of the local beaches

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