In the QAR context, could anyone tell me exactly what a "complete official academic syllabus / curriculum" is?

I have the following documents that could be related:
  • My mark sheet: which is a two page document indicating what disciplines I had in each semester along with itīs degree and itīs total amount of time.
  • A complete description of the Computer Sciences course. Thatīs a huge document (80+ pages) which describes all the aspects of the course and the university. Itīs composed of three sections: General information; Teachers Information and the full description of each discipline.

I really donīt want the "academic syllabus / curriculum" to be the second option because all my documents are in Portuguese and this is going to cost... a lot!

Does anyone know if the first document (which lists all the disciplines but without any description) serves as a "academic syllabus / curriculum" or if I could send this (which has my grades) along with the section of the second document that lists each discipline along with itīs full description?

And I do have a third option: translating all the 80+ pages of the document and ask the University to validate it with a stamp or something like that. I wonder if this is ok...