Hi Thanks for the advice

We are flying with air new zealand and we booked a seat for the baby even though she is only 7 months at the time of flying, so she will have a full luggage allowance. I am going to pack as much as i can and just get the rest when i get there. I have booked a cot in the hotel we are staying at for the first week so it should give me a couple of days to find one. If i can fit the travel cot in i will bring it i think. I have been looking at the shops you all kindly posted and most stuff is the same price as the uk so thats good. The only things which seem more are the cots. But i have seen some new ones selling in trade me shops so i might get one on there instead.

I am at that stage where everything i got for her when she was born was from 0-6 months, toys, bouncers etc and need to get stuff for bigger babys but will hold off till i get there. To be honest im not sure what i need, this is my first baby and when she was newborn i just bought everything on the list in the baby magazines but there are no list now and I am so tied up with all the immigration paperwork that no time to look into it. I will need to baby proof i guess when i get there and get her new toys such as maybe a exersacuer, new cot, highchair, after that no idea will just have to play it by ear.

Thanks everyone.