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Thread: Any tips on how to get job offers from overseas?

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    Default Any tips on how to get job offers from overseas?


    I'm 30, single with no children or dependents in the US looking forwards to relocating to New Zealand.

    I have 2 years experience in the travel industry (senior and team leader level) and 4 years in computer Help desk Tech Support (level I).

    For the past month I have been submitting C.V.'s to many travel agencies and staffing agencies in NZ and I have had several express interest in me; however they will not commit to a job offer. Staffing agencies always come back to me saying 'give us a call when you get your work visa'.

    I've read that traveling under tourist visa to attend interviews is the best way, but the airfare is prohibitively expensive to do such a trip twice.

    Holiday work visa is not available to me as I am not a US citizen (resident only) and my country of citizenship has no agreement for work holidays with NZ.

    So I'm wondering if there be any of you here who could give me a few pointers to get a job offer from overseas.

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    It is very hard to do, unless you have skills that are absolutely in demand. I'd suggest getting a network certification or ITIL - something to enhance your IT skills. Help Desk is basically the bottom rung, and so they are able to find people right out of school with no experience for those jobs (how good they are at it is another question).

    My husband has applied for probably 50 jobs from America -over the past 2 years. He is highly skilled, but there is no shortage of people in that area. He's had 2 interviews. No job offer. Finally getting more interest now that we have tickets and a firm "We'll be arriving in Wellington permanently on Jan 1" on his cover letters. But basically we are jumping and hoping that the net will rise up to meet us.

    Try contacting an IT recruiter for more advice.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Yes, everyone agrees that being in NZ is one's best chance for netting a job offer. Sure, we hear of those lucky folk who land a position from offshore, but it is rare. Would you employ someone who you have never met to represent your company? You don't even know if they will change their mind or be turned away at the airport?
    It is riskier for an employer to think they have filled a position and then wait for two months to finally find the person isn't coming after all, than it is for one individual to fly in on what would be a great holiday and hope to find a job.
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