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    1.) I have lots of tools in massive tool boxes that I use for my work, they are mechanical tools all very clean, so will not be of interest to MAF. Assuming I have PR thru a job. Do I have to pay duty on them?

    2.) What paint can & canít be shipped, & why? Emulsion, Synthetic/gloss?

    3.) Can anyone recommend an economical shipping company? I require sole use of a 20fter & have self packed.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hello James,
    we've just self-shipped a 20' foot container with lots of tools (carpentry mainly) and paint. There wasn't any demand for any duty on tools (we got PR, Jack is a tradesman). We packed emulsion/ water-based paint. The freight forwarder said as long as it's not oil-based or flammable it's okay.

    We got a company called GBS Freight as our shipping company; they charged 1900 Pounds to get the container from our house in Cornwall to the port in NZ.

    You have to do the packing in 3 hours or they charge you more. Once the container arrives in port in NZ you have to sort things out yourself.

    For us the troubles then started, but that has to do with us not being in the area where our container is and trying to get if cleared through MAF and Customs while not being there.

    Anyway, the shipping company in the UK gave us the name/number of our contact shipping agent here in NZ who organized most for us (although it took ages and cost heaps in nerves and money - I'll soon write a post entitled "Self-shipping - a tale of woe").

    We probably end up paying another 1000 pounds for getting the container out of port and emptied into storage, but that's just because we're in the wrong place in NZ.

    Normally it should have cost us about 300 to 400 pounds max.

    All in all we're still convinced that self-packing and -shipping is a good deal, but be prepared to put a lot of work in, both on the UK side (packing, packing list, loading the container) and on the NZ side (paperwork, organizing, more paperwork).

    If you don't like the look/sound/deal of GBS Freight do a google search for freight forwarders in the UK and email them for quotes.

    Hope this helps. PM us if you have more questions.

    Best of luck,
    Jack and Mareike

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