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Thread: Fly Screens.... Buy / Make ?

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    Default Fly Screens.... Buy / Make ?

    Anybody bought or made a insect / fly screen for a window at all?

    Its pretty warm now and i have generally slept with my window open and curtain back for past week or so, some people would say its cold, but i thrive on the cold and enjoy a good chilled breeze as i sleep

    Although i have to sit with it shut and closed until i turn-in else the room lights bring the whole world of insects in..

    Anyhow i also hate bl***y flying pests, mainly moths!

    I cannot relax or do anything if theres a moth in my room, its not phobia there just Sooooooooooooo damn annoying! Same goes for flies and anything else that happens to fly around my room in an annoying fashion!

    Now i only have one small window to do about 3'x3' so i don't need any expensive professional made screens.

    I was thinking of just buying some insect mesh (if small bits can be bought from anywhere?) and maybe some small wood and make it like a picture frame and staple the mesh on maybe?

    And hopefully find a way of mounting inside my window so it seal the edges off.

    Just wondered if anyone has any ideas or experience of such a screen, or where i could the parts etc to make one?

    Ah.. It would be so nice to sit with a breeze and curtains open at night, knowing no pesky flying things will annoy me!

    Hmm if a get a metal mesh i could electrocute them too? LOL (cue evil snigger)

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    OK - you need my Finnish friend to help you! She made these for our house last year, and they were fab.

    Staple gun, thin strips of wood, and some mesh; all purchased at Mitre 10 for about 20 bucks.

    She measured the window and door and made a frame for them, nailed them together and then stapled on the mesh.

    Then just put them into each window.

    I looked on in stunned amazement and just handed her beers... I have no DIY skills whatsoever!

    So, it can certainly be done. And far more cheaply than buying made-to-measure screens - especially if you're in a rental.

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    Hi Kerry,

    Sounds good , we're having a hard time with flies and moths here too and we hate all those killer sprays, do you have a picture of those screens perhaps? I have a fair idea how they should look, but with the flap open windows we have they might not fit?

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