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Thanks for all your input, i was under the impression that as i was on a WTR that i had to wait 2 years to apply for PR, once 2 years were up PR would be issued as long as our police checks and medicals came back ok? So can i apply now for PR AND whats a section 18A?.

We have been here for 5 months, if we apply for PR now will we have to go through our medicals and police checks again? and will the police checks be completed by NZ or UK?sorry lots of questions but want to try and get PR sorted asap so we are in a position to assist our parents attaining PR.

Ian will be the best person to advise you on the WTR I was under the same impression that you were.

You will have to apply for your medicals and police checks again as I think they are only valid for three months. Your police checks will be done in the UK again, I think NZIS automatically do a NZ police check for the time you have spent here. Section 18a is a condition attached to some PR permits that have been awarded due to a job offer. It states that you must stay with that particular employer for three months. Once you have fufilled that requirement the condition is then removed and, if you want too, you can change employer.