Hi Ya

The annual registration fee comes in the quarter following your birthday regardless on when your first certificate was dated. ie mines on 1st Jan as i am a Dec baby !!! However i dont think it is a very efficient system here as they forgot to send my renewal papers even tho i informed them i was working in NZ and our new address, and even tho my practising cert has technically expired (ie i do not have one to show) but because i sent back the forms and paid in Dec (cq not cashed yet!!) I am still registered - sent me in to a bit of a panic and had to phone them after the Christmas hols before i went back to work after New Year as i wasn't sure what my status was!!! especially as they take your name off the online registration !!!

On the plus side your employer pays your fee - you can claim it back once you are in reciept of your new practising cert.

Hope that helps !!